Laura, PT

Laura Cooper, PT

Laura Cooper has been practicing physical therapy for almost 28 years. During that time, she has created a mosaic approach to treatment for each individual patient drawing from her manual therapy certification, functional movement background and appreciation that education helps everyone in the rehab process.

Laura graduated with a PT degree from Marquette University in the 1900s. She loves working in orthopedics and how every patient is unique. She has an extensive continuing education background that includes functional movement assessments, running evaluations, manual therapy, Pilates and therapeutic pain neuroscience.

Laura has practiced in Colorado, Wyoming, Illinois and Oregon and now calls California home. "I feel lucky to do what I love and am passionate about continuing to grow as a therapist. Movement is medicine and having spent time on the patient side of the relationship, I try to practice what I preach."

Outside of the clinic she loves to spend time with her family and animals, is a music geek and works to improve her "aunt jokes" skill set. She also wants you to remember to exhale.