Kinetix PT Offers Work-From-Home Advice on National Blog

The folks at Redfin, a national real estate website that dishes out home and lifestyle advice to its followers, recently turned to our Kinetix Physical Therapy team for tips to help people working from home during (and perhaps even after) the current national health crisis.

Titled “How to Work From Home Comfortably: Tips From the Experts,” Redfin content editors sought advice from a number of physical therapists, including our own Kevin Bell, DPT. The resulting article provides a mix of advice and strategies for ensuring that you’re not just comfortable while working from your home workstation, but that you’re also productive, active and safe from the development of pain and injury.

Here’s the advice Kevin contributed to this article:

Try a series of neck rolls every hour

Sustained positions while working at home are bad for the body, and the neck/shoulders area is often the first to sound the alarm through tension and discomfort. Do your neck and head a favor by, every 30 minutes, step away from your screen and do a series of slow neck rolls – both clockwise and counter-clockwise.

— Kevin Bell, DPT, Kinetix Physical Therapy

We strongly recommend you check out the entire article here, on the Redfin blog. We know you’ll learn something new that’ll help you conquer your work-from-home challenges!

And, if you’re already experiencing pain or discomfort from your work-at-home situation, or feel your situation requires a more individualized approach, we’re here to help. Simply contact us, and we’ll be happy to set up an initial consultation to assess you, your situation and your goals.