Telehealth Visits Now Offered at Kinetix Advanced Physical Therapy!

During this time of uncertainty as our country navigates through the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, the team at Kinetix Advanced Physical Therapy is now offering patients a “virtual” option that ensures both personal safety and continuity of treatment.

Known as Telehealth, or Virtual Physical Therapy (PT) Visits, these online appointments allow patients to directly communicate and follow up with our physical therapists remotely, from the safety of their own homes.

Why Telehealth?

While Kinetix Advanced Physical Therapy is still seeing patients in their Valencia, Lancaster and Santa Clarita clinics, physical therapist and president Tim Eckard says this option ensures those who can’t get out are able to get the PT treatments they need.

“During a time when social distancing isn’t just encouraged, but in some cases mandated, Telehealth is a way those receiving treatment for pain or injury can still meet with a physical therapist,” Eckard said. “Physical therapy remains an essential service, and Telehealth allows us to meet with patients to track progress, review home exercises, and simply ask questions directly to their providers.”

A Telehealth appointment is essentially a video conference between the patient and their Kinetix physical therapist, using a home computer/webcam or a smartphone.

During the visit, patients can discuss treatments and progress, assess function, review rehab exercises, and modify home exercise programs.

Empowering Patients

Telehealth appointments are scheduled just like regular visits, Eckard says. Though with no travel time and expenses, and without the COVID-19 contamination risks involved with leaving one’s home, such appointments can better meet the needs of a certain population of clients.

“With all the unknowns surrounding COVID-19 and the various ways it’s likely to continue affecting our lives moving forward, Telehealth is a way we can ensure all patients – not just those who can make it into the clinic – are empowered to take better control of their health,” Eckard said.

“Not only does it allow them to continue physical therapy treatments,” he added, “but it also allows them the flexibility to determine what appointment best meets personal conditions.”

Eckard added that many private health insurance plans cover Virtual PT Visits.

Schedule Your Virtual PT Visit Today

Kinetix Virtual PT Visits will be hosted through the, a telehealth service. When a Telehealth appointment is made, Kinetix will email patients a HIPAA-compliant link for accessing their virtual session.

For more information about Telehealth and to schedule a Telehealth appointment with the Kinetix Advanced Physical Therapy team, visit or call us at 661-288-0300 (Valencia) or 661-974-7033 (Lancaster).