"The therapists and office staff are amazing (Michelle, Jenn, & Lauren)! When I came to Kinetix, the doctor was not optimistic about the healing of my injury. By the end of my therapy my doctor was shocked at the difference that Kinetix had made in the progress of my healing. To quote my doctor, "those therapists are phenomenal! Always friendly and professional, too. Highly recommended!"

Debra, Valencia

"Kinetix staff are very professional, organized, yet fun and relaxing. They actually make work enjoyable!"

Gina, Valencia

"Kinetix has a great hardworking and fun team that delivers comprehensive medical care. Very accommodating with appointment times. The therapists are incredibly skillful and knowledgeable with an excellent healing atmosphere. I would recommend Kinetix to everyone!"

Aria, Valencia

"To find any physical therapist with the skills to give PT for TMJ problems is rare, but, just as rare, is to find someone who in many instances relieves the pain through massage and other innovative procedures in one session. My treatment for my second illness only solidified my theory that "Tim is the best physical therapist in the world." I wholeheartedly thank Tim for all the manipulation, massage and for just making me feel better with concise instructions concerning exercises, well explained techniques concerning his procedures and great conversation."

Helivi L. Holland
Attorney at Law

"Tim Eckard and his staff provided the necessary services required in an exceptionally satisfactory and professional manor. I always request Tim and his staff when I need physical therapy. I have recommended Tim to my doctors and friends. I very strongly recommend Tim Eckard to anyone seeking the highest caliber of professional physical therapy services."

Hildegard Peddy

"I've regarded you as the paragon of top level physical therapy all these years."

Dr. Catherine Sears

"You were able to supply a wealth of information, application of the specialized knowledge needed, and most importantly, provided the enthusiasm and drive needed to get me back to being fully independent in all my activities."

Mildred Brizendine

"From the time I first met Tim I knew he possessed qualities that I'd not found in other physical therapists...I found him to be very professional, understanding, compassionate, and yet firm when I needed it. I trusted his judgment and benefited greatly from his expertise."

Charlotte Galford

"I have had chronic back pain for 3 years. I had back surgery in March 05 with no results. After just one laser treatment I woke up the next morning pain free. I am an RN and will, with confidence refer people for laser therapy at Kinetix."

Maria Barrett

"With less than one week prior to departing for a much needed vacation in Italy, I injured my rotator cuff to the point of not being able to lift my arm more than 10 degrees. I immediately consulted with Tim Eckard at Kinetix APT who suggested that I be treated with the laser in addition to his prescribed exercises. At first I didn't know what to expect, but I certainly didn't expect 100% recovery in less than one week! I had absolutely no side affects, only consistent improvement after each daily treatment. I was thrilled that my trip was unaffected and I had gotten back full mobility of my rotator cuff."

Mark T Williams
Composer, Ah2 - Valencia, CA

"Recently while working out I injured my left shoulder, to the point where my range of motion was limited by about 80%. After taking pain medication and finding little relief, I had a visit at Kinetix APT where I was seen by Tim Eckard. He suggested laser treatment of my shoulder to help stimulate rapid healing. Although skeptical I agreed to try several treatments. After only two treatments within 24 hours I had gotten back complete range of motion with no pain!"

Jeff Lippencott
Santa Clarita, CA

"To the greatest PT staff, Each and everyone of you is awesome, polite, caring, competent, upbeat, and you have helped me regain joy, zest and to be pain free. Thank you."